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"I absolutely love these soaps. I'm sensitive to scents and I have no problem with any of your soaps natural oils. They have made my showers relaxing, lovely, and rejuvinating and made great gifts for family and friends! Thank you!" -- Mary K. from Manchester, MD

"Love it, love it, love it. I could immediately tell from the first time I used it, that Michalene's soap is special. My skin is smooth, soft, moist and radiant. The scents are heavenly too - a real treat. I found that whatever scent I used, the result was the same - smooth, soft, moist and radiant skin. Personally, using Michalene's soap is a wonderfully pleasant experience. It gives the "Calgon take me away" a whole new meaning. Thank you Michalene!" -- Mary P. from Springfield, VA

"It is difficult to say which or your products I love the most. I guess it would be the soaps since I use them every day. But then the Jojoba Oil Sugar Scrub is a prayer answered. I never liked any scrub product I bought before trying your sugar scrub and it has proven to be the most gentle way to exfoliate - and moisturize while doing so. Just the light scent of it is soothing enough in addition to the softness left behind. The Whipped Shea Body Butter is equally as soothing and is so much creamier than anything else I have put on my hands and elbows. But the soap! Oh, the soap! I won’t use anything else (and haven’t for over two years now). It has just the right amount of scent, the right amount of lather, and leaves my skin feeling not only soft and moisturized but fresh as well. I have at least 6 favorite soaps and look forward to trying the ones yet to come. Anyone who hasn’t tried your products hasn’t found that perfect thing to help us fight the wear and tear on our skin!” Cheryl P., Burtonsville, MD